Magma has made this professional instrument cable to deliver the best balance between your performance and your equipment. The extra slim Neutrik connector provides highest packing density and the sleek design is the best handling convenience. Besides, the internal construction of braided copper shielding of 100% coverage - apart from completing the work as a return circuit (Ground) - prevents any unwanted noise generated primarily by such external interference and radio frequency interfere with the signal traveling through the core. The PET dielectric insulation, the PVC coating and carbon infused dielectric neutralize the effect of noise induced by the mechanical movements of normal use of cable (triboelectric effect). It makes almost no noise, it is easy to manage onstage and everyday use.


Magma has made a professional and especially cable XLR or TRS for microphones. The carbon infused dielectric with which it is built, coupled with a braided copper shield of 100% coverage, guarantees precise and stable signal on the line. The properties of this kind of cable are needed for use in recording studios or broadcasting scenarios. The Neutrik XLR cable connector has a compact design with sturdy diecast shell, fibreglass reinforced hard plastic insert and chuck type strain relief for secure clamping of all cables.